If you were attached to any US aircraft carrier or its attending squadron you are welcome to join us.

  Squadrons and Shipmates is a unique organization that brings together the men and women who served aboard US aircraft carriers or in squadrons assigned to air wings that served aboard US carriers. Originally founded to serve the sailors of the two great sister ships USS Midway and USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and their squadrons, we now also welcome the men and women who have served aboard all of our US carriers and their squadrons. Presently most members of carrier squadrons cannot join and attend reunions of ships they served. The vision now is to correct that disparity and invite squadron members to join us, whether or not they served aboard their carriers. All squadrons can now be part of a large group but still have their own individual meetings during the annual reunions. If any of the squadron members would like to be part of this organization they would be welcomed with open arms. 

We publish a newsletter several times each year and individual squadrons are welcome to submit articles for publication. This should enlighten more people about the history of each squadron, the airmen who labored to keep aircraft flying, and the brave pilots who flew into harm's way during times of war and peace. 

With increased membership, we would have clout when dealing with hotels to secure the best possible price in full service settings. Tour companies will also give us the best possible price for their venues. 

Midway was the longest serving aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy and we are in possession of all the names of shipmates who were ever listed in a cruise book. The only thing to do now is to find them and let them know about this organization. We anticipate that we will have a very large membership with all the potential untapped personnel waiting to be found. 

The Bylaws of the organization have been written to cover many potential situations and to prevent injustice to any member. Our officers, board members and committee members have term limits. This will help ensure the organization will be run democratically. The central focus of the organization is the members' rights and fostering camaraderie among the members. A Bylaws Committee oversees any proposed changes according to a defined process. 

In addition, the financial reports of the organization are available to any member upon request, are reviewed at the annual business meetings and financial updates are included in our periodic newsletters.

The association encourages membership beyond the veteran by extending memberships to spouses, parents, adult children and adult grandchildren as auxiliary members.

Squadrons and Shipmates puts the membership first. 


Each year Squadrons and Shipmates holds a reunion of our members. Our reunions offer many venues and tours to choose from. In 2012 there were over 60 venues in Branson, Missouri. In 2013 in Colorado Springs, Colorado we offered over 20.  In 2014 our reunion was in our nation's Capitol. We again had a large amount of venues and tours offered. In 2015 our reunion was held in Seattle, Washington. Following the reunion, we sailed on a post-reunion, 7 day cruise to Alaska, which was our 3rd post-reunion cruise. 56 members and spouses signed-up for the cruise. In 2016 our reunion was in Pensacola, Florida where the highlight was the Homecoming air show performed by the Navy's Blue Angels precision aerobatics team. In 2017 we are planning to be in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. In 2018 the members elected to see Tucson, Arizona. In 2019, current plans are for Buffalo, New York. Come join our organization and see some of the great cities in our nation with lots of friends. We bring a professional photographer with us to our reunions. See the reunion photo tabs for many great pictures of our reunion activities. 




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Note: William John Rigney Jr., Crew Contact and Reunion Information Director,
 on this web site, is a Charter Lifetime Member in Squadrons & Shipmates Inc.


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