If you can find your Squadron logo or Air Wing logo in the above banner, you are an eligible potential member. 
And, if you were attached to any US aircraft carrier or its attending squadron you are also welcome to join us. 

Welcome to Squadrons & Shipmates Inc.

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(There are over 70 pages, including a number of sub-pages, on this web site.  When you finish reading this page, click on "Home" on the left side of this page. This will allow you to view all the other pages on the web site.) Please don't forget to sign the guest book so the world will know you are still out there.

Welcome to the home of Squadrons & Shipmates Inc. All the labor of building the foundation has been done for you and it now needs some TLC. It is a very unique home with some new ideas. So come inside and have a look around and if you like what you see, the rent is very reasonable; even a crusty old salt like you can afford it. Whoops! If you are not an old salt but know one or more, please let them know too.           

                 As many of you know U.S.S. Midway was stationed in Japan for 18 years. Many of the e-mails received are from Japan. It seems only fitting to make the web site available in languages other than English. We didn't just stop at Japanese and have included many languages. We hope anyone who does not read English is able to locate the language icon below. Please click on the arrow on the drop down box and select any language. When you do this the entire web site will be translated into the language you have chosen.

                 Have fun with the tour around your new home. If you see anything obviously out of place or any errors please let us know. We want a very accurate web site and we want to be sure we have all the historical and the personal information 100% correct. 

                  If you see some pages not lining up correctly on your computer, it is because all computer displays are not the same.  During our testing period we also discovered some computers showed that words were misspelled while they were spelled correctly on this web site. 

                 Be sure to sign the guestbook too. Please let us know what you think about some of the unique things you see here. Enjoy and have fun. 

                 Our hats are custom made, all designs are embroidered directly onto the hat, no patches. The hats are for sale on the "Merchandise" page of the web site. Also available on the "Merchandise page are custom made tee shirts for Squadrons & Shipmates in white with blue lettering and navy blue with gold lettering.

             Note: Many members have commented that they cannot find the cost of the memberships because it is not on the application form. There are many types of memberships and all this information is located on the "Application Information" page, please read this page first.

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